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English Language training at manufacturers and warehouses in the Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate (ESIE) , Chonburi (including Pattaya) has been growing steadily. This is partly because of a greater desire of Thais to master English but also a greater awareness that the English language is growing as the common language, in use, in companies with workforces of mixed cultures i.e. Japanese & Thai, German & Thai, Australian & Thai, American & Thai, etc..

SLS’s Business English clients say there was a real need to deal with both customers and suppliers in English in future. They say they need to act fast to have their Thai employees communicate effectively and with confidence in English coversation and by email. It is now a recognised need for employees to be able to express themselves fluently both inside and outside the company in English. Companies want to be ahead or match their competitors.

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    As such, we would like to introduce you to the SLS Language School and Training Centre and our English language courses. At SLS, we have assembled a team of experienced, professional teachers ready to assist your company in achieving the highest possible proficiency in English that will enable you to transparently and efficiently communicate with your suppliers and customers.

    We are located in South Pattaya and have been in business since September 2014. We have an exemplary record in teaching the English curriculum which includes specialised business English to a range of clients / organisations. We are mobile. We can come to you! Our recent clients are listed on this link. Click here.

    Companies near your location have used SLS and are very pleased with our training courses, methods and support.

    The key to our success is our English language team, who prepare, and deliver, specialised courses. Our proven “off the shelf” courses are also available.

    The SLS Team

    The SLS team have the knowledge and the expertise to meet our customers high expectations. We often develop and customise our English courses to satisfy our customer’s needs. For instance we work with companies to deliver courses in English which also assist in the personal development of the teams. We can separate your team for training purposes between Beginner, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate and Advance levels.

    With your agreement, our key staff, can meet with you to discuss how we can be of service. If SLS is given the opportunity, we will demonstrate available learning packages, discuss your needs, and on conclusion, prepare a free assessment and training plan. A no obligation quote for our courses can be provided.

    A meeting can be arranged by calling 038 410 655 or by returning an email.

    A note on Thailand’s English Proficiency index

    With respect to the EF English Proficiency index Thailand ranks as 64th of 88 non native English speaking countries in the world and it ranks 16th of 21 countries in its Region of the world.

    What is EF English Proficiency Index for Schools? The EF English Proficiency Index for Schools (EF EPI-s) is a study of the acquisition of English skills by secondary and tertiary students. What is the EF Standard English Test? It is a free and standardised English test. If you take the test your test results will be included in the next EF EPI in the country that you live.

    At SLS we believe, it is our responsibility to assist Thailand in improving its standard of English so that Thailand can develop and compete peacefully with its neighbouring countries and the rest of the world.

    One such programme in measuring your teams developing English competency by having TOEIC tests (after English Training) every year or every second year. You can monitor the teams development as they increase their TOEIC score. 

    TOEIC Preparation Course for Business Staff:

    Why TOEIC?

    They study to pass the Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) which is designed to measure the everyday English skills of people working in the International environment.The benefit is that they can communicate in English more effectively with their international suppliers and customers.

    Our Corporate Clients

    Tanatex Thailand ESIE (beginner)

    Clarion Thailand ESIE – 4 courses (beginner & pre-intermediate)

    Youngsin Metal ESIE – 4 courses (beginner & beginner extension/Thai & Korean Staff)

    EuroKera ESIE – 2 courses (beginner and elementary)

    Infinity Condos Pattaya (beginner)

    Bangkok Bank, Pattaya (beginner)

    Krungthai Bank Pattaya (beginner)

    Aibel Thailand – Banchang & Laemchabang – 9 courses  (beginner, pre-intermediate and intermediate)

    Infastech Thai Co. Ltd ESIE (Japanese General Manager)

    Sadomshima Thai Co. Ltd Amata City (Japanese Commercial Manager)

    SFAS/Simply Foods, Bangkok Thailand (elementary)

    Merit Foods, Bangkok Thailand (elementary)

    Kloeckner Pentaplast Thailand (ESIE) – 4 Courses (Beginner & Pre-Intermediate)

    Nippon Steel Sumikin Thailand (ESIE) – 2 Courses

    G-Tek (Thailand) (ESIE) English Writing & Conversation Course

    Tinfish Thailand (ESIE) – English Beginner

    ANCA Thailand (ESIE & Amata City) – English Beginner & Thai Course for Expats

    Outsourced Teaching (various local companies)

    All enquiries for study and training can be made at SLS Training Centre. At SLS we train students for English and TOEIC test preparation. Our SLS Training Centre is located near the intersection of 3rd Road and Pattaya Tai, Pattaya, Thailand. Please refer the attached map. Or we can come to your business

    Single, small group or Company Group training can be discussed by contacting the school by email: info@slsthailand.com or calling +66 38 410 655

    Students can study in advance of their TOEIC Testing:


    Tel: 0-2260-7061, 0-2259-3990