Our TEFL Mission

We will share with you the knowledge and expertise that will ensure you realise your capability as a proficient teacher of English.

We will actively assist you to pass the TEFL course and in so doing, become a self-assured, effective and competent teacher, able to design and deliver lessons in a meaningful and informative way.

We will be consciously aware of your individual needs and will support you in achieving your goal. Our understanding and guidance, together with continuing professional development, will allow you the optimum chance of consistent and sustained success.


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    SLS TEFL Programme Information

    SLS TEFL Programme Costs (Read below for special package discounts)

    • Regular TEFL course is baht 39,500. 2024 discount to baht 37.500. 

    • Step by step communication from first enquiry to course start date 

    • SLS provide active job search support

    • Part-time & trainer interactive on-line (120 hour) TEFL course is also available for baht 37,500 THB. Check start date with SLS. 

    • Professional development course – practical methodology and our classroom experience to supplement and endorse your existing online qualification or education degree at baht 35,000THB 

    • Check our other discounts and benefits below

    2024 Programme Dates

    Jan 8 Feb 2 Jul 1 Jul 26
    Feb 12 Mar 8 Aug 5 Aug 30
    Mar 18 Apr 12 Sep 9 Oct 4
    Apr 22 May 17 Oct 14 Nov 8
    May 27 Jun 21 Nov 18 Dec 13

    If you are sure about registering for your TEFL course or any language course and have sent a confirming email to info@slsthailand.com you may pay SLS by direct bank deposit or PayPal. Click here to view our payment details.

    In addition, we offer a generous discount for couples and other benefits when choosing one of our courses. (contact us for full details)

    • Airport pick-up (Suvarnabhumi / Pattaya) if required

    • TEFL bag with text book, markers, pen, USB stick, lever folder, writing materials, writing book, and hand-outs provided

    • Extra 5 hours free TOEIC test preparation training for Non Native English Speakers

    • 50% discount for one person in a ‘couple’ (one of any two persons considered together)

    • Baht 5,000 discount for ASEAN countries applicants (excluded in other discounts)
    • 5 hours free Thai lessons with all TEFL courses

    • Discuss pass-through, best price, accommodation or book with hotels/guest houses directly.

    Duration of the course :
    120 hours
    Total study in the classroom and teaching practice

    Student qualification :

    1. Proficiency to good knowledge of English
    2. Age 20+ years old
    3. Must be a person with no criminal record or a legal case under Thai law.


    1. To develop teaching skills that will enable graduates to enter the classroom with confidence in their performance.
    2. To evaluate trainees and ensure that they understand the necessary teaching skills in the classroom.
    3. To produce English teachers who understand Thai culture well.

    Lesson Schedule: School is opened 6 days in a week.
    The course is operated 5 days and 6 hours per day.
    Lunch with morning and afternoon breaks.
    Divide into 4 sessions a day. 1 session = 1.5 hours.
    Total 30 hours per week.

    Foundation Courses (duration 20 hours)

    • English Language Teaching and Learning
    • Principles of English Language Teaching
    • Foundation of English Language Study
    • English Language Assessment and Evaluation

    Study English (duration 30 hours)

    • Teaching Receptive Skills (Listening and Reading)
    • Teaching Productive Skills (Speaking and Writing)
    • English Language Teaching (ELT) Material and Media
    • Teaching English for Workplaces
    • Bilingual and Multilingual Education

    Linguistic, Language and Culture (duration 40 hours)

    • Reading and Writing for English Language Teachers
    • Phonetics, Phonology, and Re-spelling Techniques for English
    • Language Teachers
    • Sociolinguistics in English Language Teaching (ELT).
    • Professional Oral Communication Skills
    • Second Language Acquisition – “SLA”
    • Thai Culture for English Language Teachers
    • Discourse and Pragmatics for English Language Teachers
    • Syntax and Semantics for English Language Teachers

    Preparation for Lesson Plan and Teaching media. (duration 15 hours)

    • Writing a Lesson Plan
    • Teaching Media

    Professional Teaching Practices (duration 15 hours)

    • Teaching Vocabulary Sound and Structure (VSS)
    • Teaching Individual Skill
    • Teaching Integrated SkillsTotal study in the classroom and teaching practice – 120 hours

    1. Ratio of Theory and Practical assessment = 60% : 40%

    2. To “Pass” the course for Student will include the following:

    Attendance & Perseverance: student must atend in class = 80 %
    Theory Assessment: student must achievement score = 70%
    Practical Assessment : student must achievement score = 70%

    3. Grades are based on the following criteria:
    Grade A+ For student who has score between 95 –100%
    Grade A For student who has score between 90 – 95%
    Grade B+ For student who has score between 85 – 89%
    Grade B For student who has score between 80 – 84%
    Grade C+ For student who has score between 75 – 79%
    Grade C For student who has score between 70 – 74%


    B.Ed. (Hons) Newcastle, Dip. Clinical Psychology, Birmingham
    Advanced Certificate in Education, Birmingham
    TEFL Certificate
    FA ‘A’ Licence Soccer Coach (UEFA “A” License)

    Cillian is an experienced, professional, committed teacher with internationally recognized specialist qualifications in education and sport.

    He graduated in 1983 from the University of Newcastle with a B.Ed. (Honours) degree in Education and Professional Studies and later obtained further qualifications in Special Education and Clinical Psychology, from the University of Birmingham.

    He began his teaching career in a comprehensive school as a teacher of geography and physical education and then moved into residential special education where he taught for eighteen years. As such, he has extensive teaching experience in both comprehensive and special schools.

    On moving from England to S.E. Asia in 2010, he became a sports instructor and English language teacher in Vietnam, and latterly a TEFL trainer at teacher training centre’s in Pattaya, Thailand.

    The skills acquired in pursuing his chosen profession successfully demonstrates a capacity to prepare and deliver relevant information to a wide variety of audiences.

    As part of the course, we will assist you in honing your job-search skills. Once employed, you will find that many more doors open for you; the visa process becomes easier, acquiring a work permit entitles you to live in Thailand legally and even opening a Thai bank account becomes simpler.

    SLS TEFL has links to recruiters and Thailand schools. Those successful TEFL graduates and other teachers, matching the qualification criteria, can be referred on to work in one of the schools across Thailand.

    SLS supports the Hands Across the Water Charity/Hands Group (https://www.handsgroup.org.au ) who support Homes across Thailand for kids at risk and in need. If you are a teacher or a TEFL graduate you may wish to apply for an assignment at one of their Homes https://www.handsgroup.org.au/hands-english-program/

    SLS supports the Hands Across the Water Charity https://www.handsgroup.org.au/about/.

    SLS supports the REACH Siem Reap Charity https://www.reachsiemreap.org/.

    Yearly, 1 % of TEFL Student fees are contributed to charities supporting children at risk.

    Why Choose SLS?

    At SLS we will teach you how to teach students of any age or ability. Achieving our SLS TEFL qualification is a sign of quality. It is your passport to teach, not just in Thailand, but the world over.

    In the past, most of our TEFL trainees have come mainly, although not exclusively, from native English speaking (NES) countries around the world, and perhaps more importantly, from all walks of life.

    Indeed, some of our most successful teachers have surprised themselves by stepping out of their comfort zone into the exciting world of teaching. An increase in creativity and productivity and a new found zest of enthusiasm are some of the qualities that we regularly see in our students.


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