Qualification opportunities once you are SLS TEFL Certified and Registered

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Unless you have a Bachelor Degree in Teaching, particularly in Teaching English you should complete an in-class, registered TEFL course.

If you already have a teaching degree try this link: search associates

SLS TEFL provide for partner (friend) discounts, and in addition to our 120 hour in-class TEFL course (with teaching practice), we offer volunteer programs and assist graduates find work.

However, those wanting to stay and work in Thailand are recommended to have a Bachelor Degree in addition to their TEFL certificate. While a TEFL qualification enables you to quickly get a job it’s much more difficult without a degree.

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    If you do not hold a degree

    If you don’t have a degree you can satisfy the authorities by taking in-class degree courses in Thailand. Such courses can be taken and supported by an Education Visa or other eligible visas. Take a look at these Bachelor Degree courses:

    BA TESOL | Thongsook College | Bangkok

    Courses are taught on campus, offered during weekdays and weekends with the flexibility of attending the college during Academic semester breaks. Students are required to meet the 45 hours face to face class attendance which involves class participation, presentations, group-work, projects, in-class research, field-trips, midterm and final exams as well as a literature review research paper.

    RMUTR B.Ed in TESOL program – Tuition/Degree (tesoldegreethailand.com)

    This degree program is almost entirely weekend courses.

    Other degree courses should be researched and you could consider these:

    Bachelor of Education in English – Teaching License – St Theresa International College (stic.ac.th)

    B.A. English for Business Communication – St Theresa International College (stic.ac.th)

    If you already have a degree

    The Thailand authorities, recruiters and schools prefer courses that are completed in a classroom and not on-line. This goes for the TEFL/TESOL course you choose and also a Bachelor Degrees (in any subject).

    A combination of a Bachelor Degree and a TEFL Certificate will enable you to obtain a position with a non B Visa and work permit in a non-formal school, teaching English, such as a Private Language School or Privately owned regular schools. The school will assist you obtain your Non B Visa and work permit

    However, if you wish to work in a Government School (formal school) the Teaching Council of Thailand (Khurusapha) expect you to obtain a teaching license.

    A formal school will apply for a temporary teaching permit/certificate on a teacher’s behalf as soon as they begin work. It is granted for two years and allows the school time to have the teacher meet the requirements of the Teaching Council Thailand. That is to obtain a full teaching license from them. Teachers in formal schools can obtain at least two temporary teaching certificate (a total of four years) before they need to obtain a full teaching license.

    In order to obtain your full teaching license the TCT may ask you to complete a graduate diploma course particularly in-class in Thailand like this one:

    Graduate Diploma in Teaching Profession – Permanent Teaching License – St Theresa International College (stic.ac.th)

    Classes are held on Saturdays, 8:30am – 16:00pm (subject to change).


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